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Open Source Contribution - Release 0.4 Part 3

Linting Errors in Pandas
Building onto the previous blog where I explored style and linting errors in the pySearch project and the tools used to find these errors, last week I was dealing with similar issues in Pandas. On top of the Flake8 and PEP8 Speaks that the Pandas project uses, they also integrated their own script file that checks for their custom made errors. Since I already explored Flake8 and PEP8 Speaks in-depth, I decided to focus on custom errors within Pandas and to find ways to solve the errors which are difficult to find the origin for.
GL07 Error The error that I focused on fixing last week was: GL07 - Sections are in the wrong order. As I stated before, Pandas is a massive project and in order to help developers remember the purpose and use of all the functions, as well as for new contributors to understand the functionalities of the functions within the project, Pandas does a very great job of documenting their code through docstrings within each function. These d…

Open Source Contribution - Release 0.4 Part 2

Integrating Style Guide Enforcement PEP8 Speaks is one of the many tools to help enforce style in a GitHub project. It is easily integratabtle with any public GitHub project by following the installation instructions from the following link:
Once it is integrated, it can be configured to check for style and linting errors in the changes of Pull Requests. A pep8speaks bot will respond in a comment of the PR if there were any issues. 
Similarly to PEP8 Speaks, Flake8 is a good tool to use when checking for style and linting errors locally. In order to install Flake8, you will need to type in the following command: "python -m pip install flake8". After installation you can run the "flake8" command to either check the whole project or specific files. To check your whole project, go into the root folder of your project and type the following command: "flake8 .". To check specific files: "flake8 example/…